Artist in Oils
My father was an excellent draughtsman and he allowed me to use his watercolours at an early age. He taught me how to paint and I was intrigued with background washes and the way colour bled using the wet on wet process - I was hooked. When I was 9 years old, I asked my father if could have some oil paints for Christmas. I was excited, especially with the quantity of "Daler" canvas boards, brushes, and one brush in particular - my father's, from his teenage years. I still use it to this day.

The traumatic schooling years quickly passed and I eagerly awaited enrolment to Art School. Although the life drawing classes were great, I did not like being told how to paint as this conflicted with everything my father had shown and taught me. I did not feel I was progressing and left after 18 months. I embarked on various careers and finally settled in the screenprint industry as a Director. A few years later I set up my own design companies looking after clients' company image and branding for many years. Five years ago I became ill and unable to work at the companies, so I became a full time artist. Looking back, I remembered some of the pictures/drawings I had done and wished I had copies or photographs to enhance that memory. Some of my paintings went to USA, Canada, Sweden and Germany.

Stuart Devereux
Born June 1956
Self Portrait
Copyright 2016 Stuart Devereux.
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