Artist in Oils
Bookworm completed 21-01-16
CLICK on a picture to enlarge. Some paintings include enlarged sections.
Marisa Marisa - beautiful hair
Ivy 11-05-13
Self Portrait 22-09-15 Self Portrait - beard Sel Portrait - eyes
The Boy 11-02-1978 The Boy - Sleeve detail The Boy - Neck detail The Boy - part face profile
The Eldest Daughter 14-02-1984. Oil on board
Unfinished Nude 5
N P Elliott - Oil sketch
Presidents circa 1979 - Pen sketches Presidents
Brother and Grandmother circa 1973 - pencil sketch
The Lady - 2015
Walking the dogs - Watercolour birthday card 2014
Watercolour sketch - 2014
Watercolour - Mr and Mrs Whymark
Watercolour - [Bookworm] - March 2013
for Birthday / Anniversary
cards. These pictures
enlarge but there are
no sections.
colour mix for portraits
Copyright 2016 Stuart Devereux.
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From "The Palette" Knife Paintings using the left over paint.
January '16 February '16